How To Play

Premier Laser

Premier Laser Tag features a 3200 sq. ft. multilevel LaserTron arena. With a Max of 24 players, the arena divides players into two team zones: the green team and the red team. Try out 9 of our fully customizable custom game modes!

A One Game Session is 10 minutes long. (15 minutes)
A Three Game Session is Three 8 Minute games played back to back. (30 Minutes)


  • Must be 42 inches to play
  • Walk at All Times
  • No Climbing
  • Do Not Lie Down
  • Stay 5 Feet from Others
  • No Shielding Sensors
  • Return to Recharge when deactivated
  • No Gum Chewing
  • No Vulgar Language
  • No sandals without backs are allowed
  • Obey your referees
  • Have Fun and enjoy your Premier Laser Tag Experience!

Enhance your LaserTron Experience!

Set Up your LaserTron Profile at our kiosks using our Acadiana Action Alley Cards.
From here, you will be able to set your own codename, take a picture, and check your stats online!
Follow the link below to check your stats!
Click to set up LaserTron Profile

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