How To Play

Premier Laser

Premier Laser Tag features a 3200 sq. ft. multilevel Lasertron arena. The arena is divided into two team zones: the green team and the red team. We have over 9 different game modes with different modifications.

A One Game Session is 10 minutes long. (15 minutes)
A Three Game Session is Three 8 Minute games played back to back. (30 Minutes)


  • Walk at All Times
  • No Climbing
  • Do Not Lie Down
  • Stay 5 Feet from Others
  • No Shielding Sensors
  • Return to Recharge when deactivated
  • No Gum Chewing
  • No Vulgar Language
  • No sandals without backs are allowed
  • Obey your referees
  • Have Fun and enjoy your Premier Laser Tag Experience!

Lasertron! How it Works


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